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Who We Are

Ocean to Ocean broadband is a privately owned Pakistani company that is licensed by the Communication Commission of pakistan O2O currently offers Data Carrier Services, Satellite Backbone Services, Internet Backbone Services, International Gateway Services, Broadband VSAT Services, Signal Distribution Services and Broadband Wireless Services. Ocean to ocean broadband is dedicated to providing high quality wireless broadband end high UNIX services ranging from Web Hosting, DNS Hosting, UNIX Shells to Co-location. We provide you with the most reliable access on the Net. Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to meet your Internet needs. We strive to providing excellent services with our fast connections to the Internet backbone. We have dedicated shell servers and dedicated voip hosting servers. We guarantee a 99.9% service availability, which makes us one of the most reliable ISPs in the industry. Our servers are located in Germany. We offer a wide range of UNIX networking and Internet Hosting services to meet the demands of our customers, such as Shell Accounts, Business Hosting, Email Hosting, Vps hosting and Dedicated Servers.

Our Team

O2O is managed by highly skilled and experienced team of telecommunication professionals. The team comprises of pioneers in Internet and SDH technology deployments in the region.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading reliable communication solutions partner in the domestic, regional and international markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world class telecommunication services to enable our customers to be competitive.

Reasonsto You Choose us

Unlimited Downloads
We offer you to enjoy the fastest Internet with facility of Unlimited Downloads. There is not any limitations on your Internet surfing. Enjoy Downloading your famous shows and games
Affordable Packages
we offering you the best deals ever on broadband Internet. Our packages price is very cost effective. These packages provide you a great value of the price you pay.
Customer Support 24/7
We believe that customers are most valuable assets of any Business. We do care for our customers the most. We provide 24 hours a day Seven days a week customer service.

Our Company Profile

Company Profile Executive Summary Ocean to ocean Broadband (SMC) PVT Limited (“O2O”) is a Pakistani company incorporated on 08/01/2014 under Certificate of Incorporation No. 0086441 O2O is licensed by the Communications Commission of Pakistan as a Telecommunications Operator under the new Unified Licensing Framework. O2O offers data communications services to telecommunications operators, corporate, Media Houses and Government using terrestrial fiber optic cable, satellite and broadband wireless networks (Wimax). O2O offers Carrier of Carriers Network Service, Internet Backbone Services, International Data and Voice Services, Satellite Solutions (SCPC, DVB, and VSAT), Broadcast Signal Distribution and Public Data Network services. O2O has deployed Next Generation Metro Fiber Networks in Pakistan based on DWDM/SDH with a backbone capacity of 400Gbps. This infrastructure is a Multi Service Provisioning Platform offering both legacy (TDM) and next Generation IP services The National Backbone has been provisioned on the highly secure OPGW fiber on Pakistan. O2O has deployed a Fiber –to-the-Home (FTTH) Network using GPON technology. This is aimed at providing Triple Play Services to the residential customers. O2O has state-of-the-art Satellite Earth Stations. These facilities enable O2O to access Satellite capacity from the major satellite operators. The earth station is equipped for both teleport and hub services. O2O is also licensed to offer IPTV Services through its Fiber Optic and wireless Network. O2O has a 15 year license to use the LT power poles in the major towns to roll out aerial fiber and wireless for both commercial and residential customers.

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